A first publication

Artists and scientists relate to nature in complementary ways. Perhaps a combination of these ways can support reflection on the relationships between humans, other species, and places, and stimulate new ways to reconnect with the biosphere? This is the central question of “Art + Science Chile 2023,” the product of collaborations between artists and scientists.

The catalogue summarizes experiences collected during a workshop in the Chilean Andes, where a group of sculptors, painters, mathematicians, and ecologists met to explore the many ways that artists and scientists interact with the natural world. The workshop in the Andes was organized by the artist couple Angela Leible and Francisco Gazitua, and designed to search for novelty, and to interact without a set agenda.

“Art + Science Chile 2023” attempts to both explore the intersection between art and science, and summarize their common and differing experiences of wind, water, mountains, and beauty of nature. The catalogue includes text and photography from the Chilean Andes, the Tierra del Fuego archipelago at the southernmost tip of South America, and the Swedish island Stora Karlsö in the Baltic Sea. It demonstrates what can happen when artists and scientists combine their skills for individual and collaborative reflections, and when they develop art from such shared experiences. The resulting sketches, poetry, and sculptures are featured in the catalogue and paint new pictures of the complex intertwined systems of humans and nature that we are all part of.

The catalogue was produced in partnership with Hampstead School of Art in London and by the editing committee, which included Francisco Gazitua (sculptor), Angela Leible (painter), Isabel H. Langtry (sculptor and Principal at the Hamstead School of Art), and Henrik Österblom (director of the Anthropocene Laboratory).