Inauguration of the Anthropocene Laboratory

The Anthropocene Laboratory is inaugurated on 13 February at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, in the presence of H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. In this ceremonial event featuring live music, we will share our vision, plans, and staff, our approach to science, art, and social change, while also introducing our key research areas and a short report.

The inauguration is by invitation only.


14.30 Welcome
Hans Ellegren, Secretary General, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
The vision and mission of the Academy, and how the Anthropocene Laboratory can contribute to connect scientific disciplines and engage with societal challenges.

14.40 Live music
Jacob Mühlrad

14.50 Introduction: The Anthropopocene Laboratory
Henrik Österblom, Director of the Anthropocene Laboratory.
A presentation of its vision, mission, plans, staff, advisory committee, its approach to science, art and social change.

15.00 Presentation: Hope in the Anthropocene
Dianty Ningrum, Post doc at the Anthropocene Laboratory.
Hope is one of the key research areas of the Anthropocene Laboratory. We will present a short report on an ongoing assessment of hope.

15.10 Presentation: The Intertwined Biosphere
Chelsea Kaandorp, post doc at the Anthropocene Laboratory.
The Intertwined Biosphere is a second key research areas of the Anthropocene Laboratory, presently in development.

15.20 Presentation: Breaking Anthropocene traps

Peter Søgaard Jørgensen, mentor at the Anthropocene Laboratory-
Humanity is facing multiple risks of walking into traps – how can these traps be broken?”

15.30 Comments and Reflections: facilitated by Kayoko Kumasaka, Activities Coordinator, the Anthropocene Laboratory

15.55 Closing 

16.00-18.00 Reception