Making Sense in the Intertwined Biosphere

On Thursday, 23 May, the Anthropocene Laboratory will be organising a seminar entitled “Making sense in the Intertwined Biosphere”. We invite you to explore what we already know about studying life as embedded in the biosphere, and the practical applications of such sensemaking practices.

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Anthropogenic activity has expanded to such an extent that it has become a major global force shaping the operation of the whole biosphere. A sustainable presence of humanity on planet Earth can therefore only be fostered through an advanced understanding of how human life is intertwined with the biosphere. But how do we get to such an understanding? How can we make sense of life as inextricably connected within the biosphere? What tools do we have to make sense of life as intertwined? And how can such sensemaking practices be beneficial for sustainable stewardship?

Please join us in a conversation with Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby (Artist duo), Ron Milo (Systems biology), Eva Jablonka (Evolutionary biology), Esteban Jobbágy (Agronomy), Ariane König (Regenerative Social-Ecological Systems), Belinda Reyers (Sustainability science) and Carl Folke (Founder and Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Anthropocene Laboratory). The seminar will be moderated by Henrik Österblom (Director of the Anthropocene Laboratory).



Moderator Henrik Österblom (The Anthropcoene Laboratory and Stockholm Resilience Centre)

Section I: Exploring and making sense of the intertwined biosphere lense

  • The history of humanity in a tree – artist duo Goldin+Senneby: (15 min)
  • Humanity’s impact on Earth’s biomass: Ron Milo, Weizmann Institute of Science (15 min)
  • Intertwined memories: from cellular, to individual and collective levels: Eva Jablonka, Tel Aviv University (15 min)
  • South America in the Anthropocene: From Spearhead to Backyard: Esteban Jobbágy, CONICET & Universidad Nacional de San Luis (15 min)
  • Thinking, reflecting, and asking questions (15 min)

Section II: Practical application and agency in science, politics, and business

Panel conversation

  • Ariane König (University of Luxembourg)
  • Belinda Reyers (The University of Pretoria and Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics)
  • Carl Folke (Founder and Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Anthropocene Laboratory)


Please note that registration is only required for participation on site. 

The live broadcast can be seen on the event page. No registration is required to watch the broadcast.